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Wharf District Council Meeting Reports: High St. Pod-Style Hotel, State St. Renovation, Pinnacle Project Update

Kansas-based developer The Prime Company, represented by owner Chris Elsey and Senior Architect Brad Buser, appeared before the Council to discuss their 188 High St. development project: a “pod-style” hotel.


Referred to by Elsey as an alternative between “a hostel and a regular hotel” that would primarily target transient and price-conscious travelers, the proposed development would consist of 12 floors with the majority of space accommodating the pod units themselves.


The previous property owner obtained approval for a 50 key hotel with variances that have been received: permitting a height of 130 ft and a depth of approximately 60 ft. Elsey indicated that they’d like to stay within the current building envelope.

With the project quite early in its development cycle, Elsey and Buser acknowledged the unique challenges from an approvals and life-safety perspective, particularly with COVID-19 in mind.


The team also faced questions from the Council on comparative examples, property dimensions, and design choices. The Council decided to hold an executive session following the public meeting to discuss the project further.